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Delivering process improvements and automation through a pragmatic approach

Pragmatic PA

About Us

With over 60 years of practical process improvement experience between the senior consultants in a number of different industries, we have been on the automation journey for many years – delivering benefits in complicated and challenging business environments.

With a passion to improve organisations’ processes we have supported both strategic and tactical initiatives. We believe there is a requirement for a suite of tools to be used for the most effective transformation projects, from process excellence techniques such as lean and six sigma to BPM and workflow tools to control work in the organisation – ultimately leading to automation of residual repetitive tasks through the application of Robotic Process Automation.

Our experience ensures a pragmatic approach is undertaken where we believe that all businesses and processes are different and therefore need adaptive models to realise optimum benefit.

Our breadth of experience enables us to support various improvements, across a wide range of areas, including;

A) Enterprise Architecture – understanding the current state and maturity of an organisation as well as determine the future models and the measures needed to support benefit realisation and the outcomes and changes delivered.

B) Process Analysis and Operational Excellence – the quickest and sometimes easiest improvements identified through detailed process analysis and utilising lean methods.

C) Solutions – a selection of proven tools and technologies used to control, automate and report business processes

D) Production Support – either through the continued relationship with us or through the internal build of a creditable, robust and scalable internal capability.

Please contact us for further information or to simply talk through your organisation challenges and requirements.
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